"The highly original new surrealism of Kunal Basu's novel "Racists" carries to a startling ultimate the human entanglement of science and myth of racism with concepts of identity." - Nadine Gordimer

"Taut, elegant and intelligent one of the most interesting novels so far to chart the history of European racism." - Guardian

"Basu's tale is an entertaining hybrid, part intellectual thriller, part boy's own adventure, part romance at the heart of darkness." - The Independent

"A tender, tremulous love story, in which decency and kindness prevail, just, over the nostrums of the scientists. The African setting, by turns achingly beautiful and tinged with a sense of menace, is very well done; while the two small children, incapable of human speech, but blessed with low animal cunning, come poignantly alive. They are an eloquent embodiment of humanity stripped to its bare essentials." - The Telegraph


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